The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast (2016)

I want my fair share…  And that’s ALL OF IT! — Charles Koch

My name’s Palast – I am an investigative reporter, I have billionaires who misbehave, and every four years I become a crime reporter – the crime – election theft!  Election thieves, vote rustlers, ballot bandits.  Investigative reporter Greg Palast wades through the dirty political tactics.

It all began in 2000, when a little birdie dropped off an envelope, marked confidential, it was a secret list kept in Florida State computers that stole the election for George W Bush.

2004, the birdie’s back, with what some people call a caging list, and they stole the White House again. Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters from casting ballots. [i]

This is the story of the investigation of the theft of the 2016 election; it’s a crime still in progress, and the hunt for the very rich guys behind the crime.  How they’re going to do it, I had no clue.

Then, one night, my little New York City detective agency office on 2nd Ave., Fox News’ Dick Morris claims that 35,500 people voted in North Carolina and voted in some other state, and that “probably over 1 million people that voted twice in this election… the first concrete evidence we’ve ever had of massive voter fraud.”

Really Dick? You vote twice, you get five years in the slammer.  What? We’ve listened to this wacky accusation.

Trump: You have people, who, in my opinion, that are voting many, many times.

Say what Donald?  A double-voting crime wave? Is it really a gigantic conspiracy of 1 million Democrats voting twice, or is it a massive scheme to take away the votes of a million innocent people?  There’s only one way to find out; I have to get the lists of these skanky alleged double voting fiends, so the next day, I called down to Carolina; if they really caught thousands of double voting criminals, I want their names!

“All I’m asking for, is can we get a copy of the names?”  I’m requesting those names of the double voters, but all I got was the official “screw you!” This was a criminal investigation; and it’s all confidential.

You’ve got a list of 35,000 suspects, and the names are secret, you’re telling the list of bad guys is completely confidential, I tried, Mississippi, Arkansas, Arizona – 28 states in all – and in all cases, they said these lists of names were confidential.

I put my entire team on it, screw confidential, get me the lists, it took five months, but what do you know, our “little birdie” schmoozes some bureaucrat into turning over the confidential list, a list we’re not supposed to see.  So here’s their big secret: Interstate CrossCheck – and here they are – the suspects.  Look at this, 7.2 million “suspects” 29 states, a list of “duplicate” voters – if that’s what they are; with a “hit list” this big, you can fix any election; you can steal the White House.

Interstate Voter Registration CrossCheck Program

National voter registration – Which party has the highest number of registered voters?

As of October 2017, Gallup polling found that 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, 24% identified as Republican, and 42% as Independent. [ii]

Interstate CrossCheck, a list of 7 million voters; I’ve seen lists like this before, it was 16 years ago in Florida [2000 Gov. Jeb Bush inspired election of his brother George to presidency] , a different hidden database of voters secretly tagged for elimination, the year was 2000; it was during that fight between  George W. Bush and Al Gore when the battle for the White House was down to the count.  Before the election, Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, and his trusted secretary of state, Katherine Harris, hunted down convicts, convicted felons who had registered to vote, and kicked them right off the voting rolls, we’re talking killers, bank robbers, drug lords, they had **** roguefully removed the voting rights of an astonishing 94,000 Florida voters, and other states, Colorado, Tennessee, Arizona, secretly joined in the great felon voter purge – ex-cons, willing to go back to prison just to vote?  My suspicions got me moving, I grabbed a plane I had to see these ex-con voters for myself, I hopped around the country to see and investigate this supposed crime wave of ex-cons voting, but I couldn’t find a single illegal voter, so I went to the big house; I’d find out once and for all, do felon voters even exist?

Palast (at a women’s prison): “Are any of you registered to vote?” But I just couldn’t find these criminal felon voters.  Then an envelope arrived on my desk.  It was the list of those Florida murderers and mobsters (2000 Florida felon list) who had registered to vote.  Hmmm… nothing matched up; the names of the voters didn’t match up with the names of the felons.  Jonathan Barber lost his vote because Vincent Barbieri was convicted of a crime, and Jonathan has a different birthday than Vinnie.  A black man lost his vote because a white man was convicted of a crime.  Thousands of mismatched birthdates.  Some of the criminals were convicted [as much as 90 years] in the future (showing a future date of conviction on the database of voters).

Accused of voting in 14 states on the same day is one guy is named Willy, and another woman is called Willie Mae [both typically African-American names] , they must have their own bus to vote in 14 states at once. He’s even got his own bus, William Nelson, or Willie Nelson (Yes, the famous Singer), it says here, Willie Mae Nelson voted in Georgia, and then you voted again as Willie J Nelson in Mississippi and Oklahoma, so the first time you voted as a woman?

How good is the shit on this list? Here is the big secret list of millions our accused of voting twice. Look at this, Maria Isabel Hernandez is supposed to be the same voter as Maria Christina Hernandez. James Elmer Barnes Jr. of Georgia is supposed to have voted a second time in Virginia as James Ross Barnes III.

We ran it through a computer, 2 million of these middle names don’t match.

How about this, Billy Ray Jackson Sr., accused of voting again as Billy Manuel Jackson Jr., who are both accused of being the same guy. Looks like the entire Jackson 5 is here; in fact it’s actually the Jackson 5,000. What’s going on here, the CrossCheck PowerPoint (which originated in Kansas) sales pitch say that they use Social Security numbers and birthdates to verify accuracy, but on these lists there are no Social Security numbers nor birthdates.

[Korean-American] Mr. Park complains about losing his vote, forget about it Mr. Park, you still lose your vote.

Each of these voters is sent a postcard, but the postcard doesn’t say, “you’re a criminal, report to prison [for illegally voting], it says, return the card, then you’re off the hook. It looks like junk mail, many just throw it away.

Why postcards? Mismatched names on the list people with different middle names are the same voter? They don’t want to catch double voters, t’s just a bunch of common names.

Why pay millions of dollars to send out postcards, why wipe out a voter’s rights just because their last name is common like a Brown, or a Patel? Seems like someone really hates people with common names, and will do anything to make sure they can’t vote.

Why Kansas?

SVU (Special Voters Unit).

OK, Sherlock, tell me about this list.

It’s not a list of double voters, is it Palast?

It’s just a giant list of common names, Jackson, Wall, Hernandez, etc.

So you’re trying to tell us that they hate them enough to spend millions of dollars to write them off the voter rolls, really?

So where do I go now?

It says Kansas, Dorothy, Kansas!  Let’s hit the yellow brick road,Toto!

That’s just great, I guess I’m off to Kansas. Here’s our file on the wizard of CrossCheck. The wizard is this guy Kris Kobach of Kansas (who many have noted has the “initials” KKK, indicating someone who is determined to keep black voters off the rolls.

Wow, Harvard, Yale, Oxford, the ultimate of elite universities he attended.

This Republican “WizKid” created the computer databases for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which tracks Arabs traveling around the U.S., very successful businessman, with a family friendly assault rifle company.

As the “lord” of the nationwide interstate CrossCheck data system Kobach is an elected official [who could easily rig it for his own election in Kansas], and also a lawyer for FAIR, (Federation of American Immigration Reform) whose goal is to preserve a White European American majority (or at least those who can vote) in the country, this means these voters must maintain a majority of votes that are counted, even if they were no longer the majority of the population.

As Secretary of State, he is the top election official of Kansas, Republican superstar. Kobach and FAIR convinced the little town of Farmers Branch, Texas to pass a law arresting anyone doing business with illegal immigrants, for example like selling them a slurpee for one dollar.  The business owner of a 7-Eleven could go to jail for that even though they have no idea if the customers are legally in the United States or not. The courts found this law both racist and unconstitutional.  It’s interesting that someone gave the town $100,000 to pay Kobach’s lawyers fees.  Racism and violating the Constitution have proven to be very profitable personally for Kobach. He’s already become a Fox News national hero for saving America from “an invasion of alien voters.”

With no corroboration, Fox News (Republicans) claim that millions of illegal aliens voted in our elections.

Donald Trump said that Mexicans are bringing crime, drugs, and rapists to the United States.  And he also said, “some I assume are good people.” By saying that he assumes, he leaves open the possibility that none of them are good people.  He may not know, because he doesn’t see very many of them at his country clubs of extremely wealthy Americans.

During the campaign of 2016, Kobach said, “those are the reasons why I am endorsing Donald Trump as the next president.”

Republicans claim that millions of illegal alien voters are pouring across the border, Arizona built this prison for alien voters.  Only problem is, there aren’t any to grab and jail them.

10/23 p4

Kobach wrote Arizona’s infamous SB-1070 law, which is about racial profiling, which is known as the “Driving While Brown” law, or DWB, which encouraged Arizona police officers to pull over anyone suspected of being a “Mexican,” and possibly to arrest them if they could not prove they are legal residents of the U.S.

Other Kobach laws were credited with stopping “terrorists” who were apparently plotting “evil schemes” to vote in Arizona and other states.

I tracked down one suspect intent on voting, she who uses the name Shirley.

“Shirley, are you a terrorist? Will you blow up buildings?”

Here, in a desert hide out, I found a whole gang that the law blocked from voting.

Kobach laws have blocked 200,000 voters in Arizona alone, over 60 percent are Hispanics and Native American. Kobach has ruled that voters must prove that they are Americans to vote, but he was blocked by a lawsuit filed by a group of American ladies called the League of Women Voters, which he called the “communist” League of Women Voters.

How many terrorist come to this country, with the idea that we are going to VOTE! Is that really what terrorists plan to do?

When the League of Women Voters were demanding the right for women to vote in the early 20th century, did this make them communists?

So I hit Wichita [Kansas] I arrived just in time to catch white Republicans in their natural habitat, it’s feeding time! What anthropologists call an ice cream social! I was in the mood for chocolate, but all they served was vanilla.

Kobach’s citizenship test for voting knocked out 36,674 voters, under 30 years old, targeting the millennial generation. I can see why, Kobach voters have an average age of 115 [Slight exaggeration] the majority of these were young unaffiliated voters, but ones who would very likely not vote Republican. So they had to be struck down.

There he is, the wizard of CrossCheck. Kobach refused to meet with me, but I am about to meet with him.

Kobach: We are number one when it comes to guns and protecting elections, and I’ll take take that any day.

Q – What are the two most important things to Kobach that his career is focused on?

Palast: Mr.Kobach, I wanted to congratulate you, you are the number one fraudulent voter hunter in the United States; you are the guy behind the CrossCheck list.  The title on this list is duplicate voters.

This reminds me, Kobach took on the president over double voters.

Take doublevoting, that’s a slamdunk to prove that he’s voted in Kansas and he’s also voted in Colorado, [Notice how he says he come in and not she] it’s a state crime, and also a federal crime. The Obama administration is not interested in prosecuting, surprise surprise someone who voted in two states.

I want to know why CrossCheck is so secretive.

Palast: Why wouldn’t you give out the list? Why are these such secret lists?

Kobach: It’s not.

But his office said that it was a secret list not subject to disclosure. Why the contradiction?

We had to lift it through a side channel. My bullshit alarm was ringing.

What is the point of sending a card to James Evans Johnson in Virginia [implying that he double voted in Kansas] to prove that he is not James P Johnson in Kansas?

[And if he doesn’t prove it, his vote gets erased. There are thousands of “James Johnsons” in the country, imagine if every single one had to prove that he was not every other James Johnson, otherwise all of the votes get discounted.]

Kobach: That one should not be an individual who is getting matched.

Excuse me, but you tell people to ignore the matches, this is you, right, Kansas Secretary of State, it says right there on your shirt that’s who you are.

How come you have these as the same voter, potentially the same voter?

Kobach says his system would not do that, but his system actually does do that.

This is the list that you gave Virginia, and on the basis of this list, Do you know that Virginia removed 41,000 voters based on the list you gave them?

Kobach smiles, then says that is false.

Palast then goes to the Virginia State Board of Elections.

But as of December 26, 2013, Virginia DID cancel the registrations of these voters, 41,637 to be exact.

You said that there is a massive problem with double voters, you’ve given out this list which you say is potential double voters.

All of his propaganda says potential double voters; it’s his own words. These documents CrossCheck with his wardrobe.

Kobach gets up to walk away from the interview after being faced with tough questions.

Palast calculates that over 1 million votes where unduly struck from about 20+ states.

One of Kobach’s tough guys comes to intimidate Palast, then a White Republican woman comes and steals his hat off of his head, and then he and his cameraperson get thrown out of the gathering.

They get on a train to leave Kansas.

Kobach is behind the CrossCheck con, but who is behind Kobach? Just give me a sign, Lord. Just give me a clue, who’s got the millions and millions? Who art thou my little billionaire?

Genius, nobody takes a crap in Kansas without the approval of the Koch brothers [Charles & David, net worth of about $42 billion each (that’s billion, not million)].  The Kochs, again.  I’ve been on the trail of the Kochs for two decades. Koch Industries operatives would bury oil next to drinking water sites, would pollute rivers.  

20 years ago, David and Charles Koch were the richest guys you’d never heard of. They got their money the old fashion way, they stole it from the Indians like this, the Osage Indians, Poorer than dirt, they let the Kochs truck away oil from their Oklahoma reservation ; Koch would pay for 90 barrels of oil, but Charles told their truckers to take 100. One of the Kochs’ buddies told us when we asked why the billionaires would skim three dollars a week from some poor Indian family, Koch said, “I want my fair share, And that’s all of it.” It added up to be more than $1 billion for the Kochs, and the U.S. government and federal prosecutors wrote up a criminal indictment that could put Charles behind bars for theft and racketeering.

But the Kochs got their buddy, Kansas Senator Bob Dole to get the prosecutor replaced with a crony and the criminal indictment went poof! The Kochs then paid off senator Dole with $100,000 which federal authorities made him give back. In 1995 Koch Oil was charged with 312 criminal counts of dumping 3,000,000 gallons of oil sludge into rivers in six states. Rather than comply with the law,, they decided to buy control of the U.S. Congress to change the law. How? The answer came from an insider who called me to rat on Charles and David, their little brother Billy.

Transcription of tape recording from Bill Koch: they, my brother, Charles, unfortunately, views himself as above the law, back to his libertarian philosophy where he believes that laws are immoral, he views himself as being above it, so he’ll go out and do whatever he wants, steal oil, pollute the environment, etc. and then when he gets caught or someone’s coming after him then he goes and buys all the politicians he can, to counter that influence, to try to mitigate the cost of the crime, and they’ve been very effective at it, very effective. I know they’ve given a couple [censored] dollars to Dole, and let’s say they’ve given [censored] dollars to TRIAD.

end P1 Q1

Pt. 2 begin q

TRIAD was the secret conduit of those millions of Koch Brothers’ money to a front called Coalition for our Children’s Future, the “children” ran ads linking Democrats to child molesters, wife beaters, and they even accused one Democrat of being Jewish!

The smear worked, and the Koch Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, took control of the 105th Congress in 1994.

If Koch Industries had secretly funded TRIAD then the brothers had committed a “go to jail” crime.  At the time it was illegal for corporations to grease political campaigns.

It doesn’t matter in the case of Citizens United. The Supreme Court decriminalized campaign contributions, basically legalizing bribes, so that now politicians can be legally bought and owned by the richest people like the Koch Brothers (Charles & David).

The Citizens United v. FEC (Federal Election Commission) was a case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on January 21, 2010,  ruled 5-4 (5 Republicans vs. 4 Democrats) that corporations and unions can essentially buy out politicians, albeit not directly, but indirectly thru the formation of PACs (Political Action Committees).  The court said essentially that “money is speech”, and whoever has more of it has more of a right to the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.

The Citizens United ruling, released in January 2010, tossed out the corporate and union ban on making independent expenditures and financing electioneering communications. It gave corporations and unions the green light to spend unlimited sums on ads and other political tools, calling for the election or defeat of individual candidates.

In a nutshell, the high court’s 5-4 decision said that it is OK for corporations and labor unions to spend as much as they want to convince people to vote for or against a candidate. [iii]

Billy Koch also told me that his brothers put up $75 million to set up a series of front groups including Citizens for a Sound Economy which the Kochs morphed into Freedom Works which drafted the demand for a group called the Tea Party. Their target, eliminate the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, or the “pollution police”, who were giving the Kochs such a hard time for polluting the environment. The Kochs also fund the Heritage Foundation [iv] which promotes the mass purge of voter rolls, targeting mainly minority voters.

And the Heritage Foundation’s latest crusade? Kansas Interstate CrossCheck program. Connect Kris Kobach of Kansas. The Kochs have created a extremely complex national network of groups which promote their interests. The Koch Brothers run the Republican party, which in turn has run the entire country, (at least from 2017-18) from the executive branch, to the legislative, to the judicial, a “straight flush. Kobach’s voter purge ïn 29 states (which have Republican governors) has been extremely successful.

So the Kochs shoved a pile of cash to Donors Trust, which gave a cool million to Numbers U.S.A, which dropped $100,000 to Farmers Branch, Texas, and that’s the mystery money that found its way into the pocket of Kris Kobach, so Kobach is just another spider in the Koch web, and now he’s purging the voter rolls for the Kochs.

But why do guys who have a hundred billion dollars need to buy the White House?  I had no idea, until Badpenny received a message from the Chief of Criminal Intelligence of the Arctic Republic, based in Kaktovik, Alaska. The chief demanded that I travel immediately to Kaktovik (Russian name).  I hit Google Earth, Kaktovik is an island just above the Arctic Circle, in the far north part of Alaska, I thought there’s no way I’m traveling up to the Arctic to chat with some crazy Eskimo.

“We are not a conquered people, we’re not defeated, what gives you the right to trespass you motherfucker, you God damn white trash?”, Etok said.

This is Etok, the legendary whale hunter and former professor at the University of California at Berkeley and leader of the Inuit speakers of the Alaskan Arctic and one badass Eskimo.

“This is the healthiest whaling stock in the fucking world.” he said. This is not commercial, this is cultural.

Koch Industries and British Petroleum need the oil under this very shale?

Etok: “28,000 years and you want to come here and fucking destroy it? I don’t give a fuck what the government” [unintelligible]

This is destruction in progress and you are the witness to that destruction. What are you doing about it?

I’ve seen this before, what happens when the poor and the powerless get in  the way of the oil drill, I saw it in the Amazon — a mass poisoning, I saw it in the Cascade Sea, “Cancer Alley” and right here in Alaska when I investigated the smash up of the Exxon Valdez.

Here’s some of Exxon sludge I picked up 20 years after the spill. If there’s such a thing as a victimless billionaire and there’s no way to control an oil spill among these icebergs so how do the Kochs make money from such an environmentally obscene venture?

The scent of money  and oil from here to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska).

The starting point for this rusty old piece of pipe – the Trans-Alaska Pipeline (Alyeska pipeline Service Company) the Kochs have bought into this pipeline, but the pipeline was shut down for lack of oil so why in the world did the smartest white businessmen in America buy into an oil pipeline with no oil in it?

The answer: they can fill it up with Arctic oil, oil that can also supply the stranded refinery in Fairbanks, Alaska but this would require the Kochs to get a president of the United States nuts enough to drill under detox whales.

The Kochs dumped $750 million into the 2016 election , for three-quarters of a billion bucks they expect the second pipeline.  They bought Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who both vowed to build the Keystone Pipeline.  Sure enough, right after Trump took office in January 2017, he allowed the Kochs’ pipeline, even though it violated a treaty with the Native American Oglala people by allowing their reservation in South Dakota to be dug up without their permission.

No wonder Ted Cruz said: “You should love the Keystone Pipeline.” Like Trump, he’s a mouthpiece for the Koch Brothers. Not surprisingly, Trump and Cruz finished 1-2 in the Republican primaries in 2016.

Love the Keystone Pipeline? The Keystone XL pipeline will bring the world’s filthiest oil, tar sands, all the way across the belly of the United States down to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Why in the world would you have to ship oil down to Texas? The answer is here in Corpus Christi Texas, home of the Koch brothers’ giant refinery. The Kochs have a problem, they can’t use Texas oil;  it’s not dirty enough for their refinery, they have to use super heavy crude like the kind that you get with tar sands. From Corpus Christi, the Kochs had to import their extra filthy crude from Caracas, Venezuela and the price of that heavy crude was set by (anti-American oil companies) Hugo Chavez, the “Frank Sinatra” of Venezuela. Years ago, Hugo Chavez told me that Venezuela, with the world’s biggest reserves of oil, would really stick it to U.S. customers like the Kochs.

Do the math, Canada charges $15 a barrel less than Venezuela if the Kochs can get their Canadian sludge down to the Texas refinery, they will earn a billion dollars each.

Who is the political plumber who will put in the fix for the Kochs’ pipes? Karl Rove on Fox News: “Look, the oil is coming from up here.”

Karl Rove, Chief of Staff of President George Bush II, was known as “Bush’s brain”, but Bush himself referred to Rove as “turd blossom.”

Rove: “One other geopolitical point, this would this would reduce our reliance on the heavy crude similar that comes out of Canada but that comes out of Venezuela; it would allow us to further crater our opponents in Venezuela, the despotic regime there that is anti-American (as Hugo Chavez has used Venezuela’s oil profits to help the country’s poor, a concept that is anathema to American oil company billionaries.

“Turd Blossom” has been in the computer targeting game since his twenties as a voter database nerd in 1972 working for Richard Nixon’s CREP (“Committee to ReElect the President), when Nixon got caught cheating in the Watergate scandal and later resigned the presidency.

Dan Rather: “It’s part of a revolution in campaign financing. Massive computerized fields based on direct mail lists. The plan is to keep such complex expensive campaign technological apparatus out of site and out of the headlines as much as possible, and this is how Rove uses his computers.

Palast: I know, I’ve been investigating Rove since 2004 when that “little birdie” dropped off some highly confidential emails from Karl Rove’s research chief.

Tim Griffin: (Research Director & Deputy Communications Director) of the Republican National Committee in Washington DC to George W. Bush’s campaign chief about “caging”, lists of names of voters living in homeless shelters and minority soldiers at the Naval Air Station in Florida and Badpenny discovered the sailors were overseas.

So I took the thousands of names to a law school dean, Robert F Kennedy Jr., who explained caging to me caging is a system  by which you can target certain voters and get them excluded from the list, and it’s illegal in this country, and it’s illegal if you target black or minority voters which was made illegal under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Specifically it’s a felony, and can be punished by high fines or prison time. The Republican party has done this in the past, they will get the addresses of African-American voters in a particular state, then they will mail certified letters to each of those homes, and if the voter is not there at the time that the letter is delivered to accept delivery, then the post office will automatically send that letter back to the sender which in this case to Tim Griffin, the deputy communications director of the Republican National Committee (RNC), if the letter comes back, the RNC uses that letter as presumptive evidence that the voter gave a false address on his voter registration form, and is therefore ineligible to vote. In reality you may have a Black or Latino service man who is serving overseas at the time, that’s why s/he was not there to receive the letter.

Go and serve in the U.S. military in Iraq, lose your vote, “Mission Accomplished.”

It’s effective, it’s illegal, it’s Rove. Now Rove and his computers have grown up – the simple Caging computers have morphed into “DataTrust – data done right.”

DataTrust is now tracking your voter and consumer data, tracking more than 1,800 things about you – yes, you – teletrack what kind of computers you have, what college you went to, what you like to cook, what crafts you are involved in, things about your health, whether you’re interested in American history, whether or not you buy Hispanic ethic products, and hundreds of other things, including how you downloaded porn, tracks every website you go to, tracks whether you order Chinese food just before you vote.

“I think that’s creepy,” said Mark Swedlund, who is an expert analytics specialist for American Express,, Dell, eBay, and many other corporations who live and die by their databases. DataTrust market themselves as the leading data and technology resource for the free market political advocacy community. This phrase has the Republican Party written all over it, clearly working chiefly if not entirely for this one political party.

They have literally thousands of data points on you Greg Palast, and on myself, and on everybody who is reading this.

Wait, what’s this I360?

Swedlund: This is a database that has trillions of data points on hundreds of things on people.

Rove has partnered with this big voter surveillance system called I360 who gets all this creepy data? It turns out I360 was founded by two brothers – the Koch brothers.

Is it possible to find real double voters?

Swedlund: using sophisticated databases like I360,  you could easily find real double voters if they existed, I would argue it would be a piece of cake.

I360 vs. CrossCheck

So is CrossCheck more sophisticated?

Swedlund : CrossCheck is incredibly simplistic, it uses some very sloppy techniques, and did some very dangerous things, what they did is come up with the most simplistic mushing together of data, first name, last name – a child could develop that software.

Why do Republicans use CrossCheck?

Rove was the former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to George Bush II and Senior Advisor to the same Bush.

Because it names 7,264,422 “suspected double voters” in 28 States (including Arizona), in 2015, there have been lots of things that really have to make you wonder if this isn’t effort to try and see how many people you can take off the voter rolls as opposed to really finding those rare cases when you can find where voters went across state lines to vote twice.

In 2016, Rove has been giving $500 million dollars through his cover operation called American Crossroads.

Rove: From winning back the White House, from taking the Senate and keeping the house in Republican hands.

Officially, Rove’s American Crossroads operation is a social services charity, like Save the Whales, so he can keep his donors’ names in the dark. And look who we found in the darkness, Rove’s top donor Paul Singer, “the Vulture.”  I’ve been following this billionaire bird for a decade, from the Andes. In Africa, the Vulture got his name by the way he made his billions on the corpses of dying nations. He figured out a way to grab the aid money meant for nations suffering from the Civil War, and mass starvation, and epidemics, and like any Vulture, Singer feasted on victim’s dying. The Vulture has been accused by Oxfam of grabbing money meant for cholera clinics in the Congo.

Why would a “social services charity” knock over 7 million people who can legally vote, mostly poor and minorities, off of the voter rolls?

Oxfam is stunned that Vulture financiers have seized over $100 million needed to clean the Congo’s water supply.

Palast: “With 100 million dollars, how many villages could you clean the water supply?”

UNICEF (African) representative: 5 million people could have access to clean water and sanitation and 200,000 children.

The Vulture paid just $10 million for some old Congo bonds which he used to bleed $127 million dollars from a suffering nation.

Vultures are known to vomit on their enemies which is no surprise when Singer’s henchmen called my TV network to stop my investigation saying, fire Greg Palast. But today, (in 2017) Singer the Vulture is the new number one donor to the Republican party, Singer’s money also hatched house Speaker Paul Ryan the most powerful Post in Washington DC after the president. So why does the Vulture have to spend all this money to buy the U.S. Congress? Because he needs a government who will declare war on Argentina – you know tango dancers, gauchos – the Vulture pulled his old Congo trick, he paid $50 million for some ancient Argentine bonds , then demanded $3 billion ransom for those bonds. That is 60 times more than the value that he paid for them. Argentina resisted, but Singer put Argentina in a chokehold until he got his billions.

President Barack Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to court to stop Singer’s attack on Argentina, trying to put him out of business, but her efforts failed.

He may have controlled Learjet jobs there, and many may have gotten fired from those jobs if Argentina had not paid his $3 billion extortion fee.

The Vulture made his biggest killing ever by preying on this “third world nation” – Detroit.  Feasting on this – the corpse of the Auto industry when it collapsed in 2009.

10 years earlier, General Motors had spun off its famous car parts company Delco, and turned Delco into a separate company called Delphi as part of a plan to bail out the Auto industry.  The government agreed to help GM buyback Delphi and save Delco’s 25,000 happy dancing union workers.

But what GM and the government didn’t know was that the Vulture and a partner had secretly scooped up ownership of Delphi and the president of the United States Obama gave the Vulture $12.9 billion and now they would close down Delphi, and cut off GM’s Parts Supplier  it without Parts, the entire Auto industry would shut down forever and over a million jobs vanished.

Called the Vultures demand extortion.

The Vulture had bought Delphi stock for just $0.67 a share and then after the government bailout news, the shares immediately zoomed to $22/share. Paul Singer’s cut: $1,284,514,099.

The celebration was short, Singer fired every single one of the union workers. Delphi moved 100,000 jobs overseas, mostly to China.

Then the little birdie dropped another paper to my hand showing that before the 2012 election Singer set up a special partnership with a blind trust with the wife of a presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney (Ann Romney blind trust). The Vulture paid the Romney’s up to $115 million out of the auto bailout loot.  This was a whole new way to influence a president by putting one hundred million dollars into his bank account.

I thought to ask the billionaire himself about his special way of enriching politicians, so I went to the Vulture’s nest, (NYC, The Pierre, New York, a Taj Hotel) to ask and see if he would meet with me – never ever!

Then we got a tip; he’d be speaking at a fancy-ass hotel in New York City, and writing out an elaborate plan to cover his escape routes out of the hotel. We practiced signals with three undercover cameramen, with visible and hidden cameras, this bird was gonna get plucked.

The Vulture suddenly appeared with two bodyguards.

Palast: How many politicians have you made rich with secret partnerships?

He then locked himself in the nearest boys room. There is no such thing as a victimless billionaire.

I met some of the victims from Detroit. The city streets, closed houses foreclosed, and empty, their windows smashed out, weeds belly-high, it looked like the city had been punched in the face, its teeth knocked out.

This here is vacant, then you look across the street over there, those houses are vacant.  This is Robert and Andrea Pratt; they’re going to lose their home too (20212 Fleming St., Detroit MI 48234).  And his wife lost her job at the City of Detroit, then they couldn’t make the payments on some predatory mortgage.

Robert Pratt: This is my son Robert, this is the one that got shot in the back.

Like I tell my wife, I go to work every day, I’m a maintenance man, I go in the maintenance shop and I close the door, and that’s when I cry, because some people are trying to stay strong and keep my eyes open and everything, but the pain grows so deep, that I wake up every day wondering if they’re going to try to take my house away.  I mean, what’s next?

Here’s what’s next. We snuck into Republican Party headquarters to investigate evidence the GOP was challenging the right of voters like Pratt, whose homes were in foreclosure, on grounds that their homes were no longer valid addresses even though they were still living in the home.

end P2 Q2

Begin P3

After the hard-working Robert Pratt and his wife have already had their jobs and house taken away in Detroit in 2009, that isn’t quite good enough for the Wall Street-based vulture capitalists.  Now they’ve also taken Robert’s vote away.

Robert Pratt: I have to wake up and I’m like, man, they’re trying to take my right to vote away!? I mean, come on, how low can you go?!

He’s not alone Mr. Pratt, you and 2 million other families out of their homes, and someone couldn’t be happier.

Record hedge fund haul for John Paulson, who made a personal profit of more than $5 billion last year, and that is probably the biggest one-year personal gain in investment history.

A hedge fund is, for example, Wall Street speculators such as John Paulson bet that someone anywhere in the nation will lose their home (unbeknownst to the homeowner).  And if they do, they may, for example, receive a $10,000 payment for each home that is lost, even if the family goes homeless.  It is profiting off of someone else’s misery.

John Paulson, known as JP, the foreclosure king (president, Paulson & Co., Inc.), one guy, gets $5 billion in one year.  He must have gotten it from Santa Claus.

In 2008, when the mortgage market was heading over a cliff, JP gave it an extra kick in the ass – because every time a mortgage in America went “kabooey”, he made another buck, and it added up to $5 billion – more than any human since the pharoahs.

So it’s lose your job, home, lose your vote.

In 2007 JP cut a deal with Goldman Sachs, Goldman had lined up some schmucks (suckers) – investors such as some big European banks and pension funds.  Goldman told them that they and JP together would buy billions of dollars of something called CDOs, which stands for synthetic collateralized debt obligation derivatives – if you don’t know what this is you are not a billionaire. Derivatives is a kind of insurance on home mortgages, so if someone is unable to pay their mortgage and their home gets foreclosed, the insurers must pay, what Goldman didn’t tell the schmucks providing insurance was that JP was secretly betting against these very mortgages; he was the secret beneficiary of these insurance policies.

JP was the one who would collect the insurance when the mortgages went to hell and people lost their houses.  It’s kind of like an arson buying fire insurance on buildings that he’s sure will burn down.  JP even helping out the mortgages that the schmucks would insure, he deliberately chose the shittiest subprime mortgages at horrible interest rates, like the one sinking the Pratt family. These stinking bags of mortgages were packaged into securities – those collateralized debt obligations (CDOs). Within a year those stinking bags of mortgage securities went down the toilet, losing 99% of their value as home owners went bankrupt.

The schmucks paid out approximately $14 billion collected by JP, while the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) brought charges against JP’s assistant – the French kid who translated JP’s sales pitch. Goldman Sachs got charged with fraud and paid a $500 million fine. The mortgage Market imploded, and foreclosures exploded, and JP, lots of folks assumed he would go to prison. No! The politically-connected JP kept the whole $5 billion!  He’s not in jail, he’s living large. Welcome to the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless.

JP’s Puerta Rica tax haven so he doesn’t have to pay any taxes on all the money he has taken in.  JP’s Ski Hut in Aspen, Colorado. Billionaire John Paulson – JP has more than this man with 70 rooms, 2000% bigger than that pathetic little home that he took away from the Pratts.

JP’s Hamptons Hangout, JP’s neighbor Koch’s “cottage”.

And another of JP’s homes is one of the largest in Manhattan, where he hosted a billionaire’s brunch for Donald Trump.  You can get in, but only if you pony up $250,000.

Greg rings doorbell at his Manhattan pad, I don’t have a quarter million, but look, a back entrance to the secret location to the billionaires’ chow down right here on Wall Street (no, I wasn’t invited).

And this is Old Trees, JP’s gorgeous mansion, ritziest in the Hamptons (east end of Long Island, NY). So how do I get to Trump’s billionaire backyard?

Palast on telephone interview: How do I go back to your statement, it was a question, I want an answer, not a statement, I’m serious about this, you know you keep saying I’m wrong, I have said that the SEC statements, that has never been contradicted, is that Paulson sat in those rooms, and didn’t tell those poor schmucks, that they were buying crap, that he had picked out to go down the toilet.

Why were they schmucks?

Wait. JP’s flunky just called to say that Paulson was unhappy with my report on his flim flam.

Palast: “Is this a yes or no, I want Mr. Paulson’s answer.”

The $5 billion on foreclosures wasn’t enough for JP; he also flocked up with the Vulture, (Paul Singer) to feast on the corpse of Delphi. JP’s pound of flesh from Delphi, $2,604,090,433 (more than $2.6 billion).  That’s one fact they wanted me to get right, he’s continuing to fund Republicans.  Working together in concert, Paulson’s Republican buddy Paul Singer sent 100,000 Delphi jobs in Detroit overseas, mostly to China, and got a $1.2 billion cut from it.  Both men became top donors to the Republican party.

Why would JP, with all his trophy houses, bother to invest a pile in buying the White House? Because JP and his ultra buddies have one big fear about their billions, that they’ll have to pay taxes on it.  Currently, JP and his buddies have a special tax loophole called Carried Interest, that saved JP and the Vulture a cool $1 billion in taxes, on their profit from shipping Delphi jobs to China, Democrats would shut the loophole, and that would hit speculators for a whopping $170 billion in taxes, and JP’s taking his Wall Street buddies uptown, and in 2017 he became the chief of a group of economic advisors to Mr. Trump, JP was hiding from me, but then we heard that JP and a bunch of billionaires had paid some big name tennis pros to pretend to play tennis with them.  The billionaires all want trophies; they always do.

Our plan was to hunt him down in the Hamptons – Badpenny make sure that this time we wouldn’t miss – she wires up Greg with his miniature recording devices.  She has a little”  helicopter drone they get in a boat to approach the backyards of the billionaire mansions in the Hamptons, which is surrounded by the Long Island Sound of the Atlantic Ocean.  Badpenny planned an “invasion” by sea.  We thought we’d join in his ritzy celebration, So we hit his $1,000 a plate vanity fundraiser celebrating his tennis “victory” against the professional players he paid to lose to him. A full $0.20 of each dollar would go to charity.

We were stationed by the servants, and hunted our Vulture by the billionaire birds sucking their champagne cocktails. There he was – JP – the foreclosure profiteer of the century. Badpenny played my ditzy wife. Greg asked him about possibly allowing some of the people who he put out of their homes to stay in his billionaire’s mansion, JP responded by saying that he had “nothing to do with the mortgage market?”  He made $4 billion his hedge fund Paulson & Company by trading in the beleaguered mortgage market, which plunged the world into a major financial crisis.

Palast: Did you ever think about the tens of thousands of Americans who lost their jobs at Delphi?

Paulson walks away, Greg says, “you didn’t give me an answer.”

Hey I want to know, you made over a billion bucks on Delphi, right, and 30,000 workers were shifted to China, does that make you happy? Is that how you want to make your money? Paulson tells Greg that Delphi had “21,000 engineers in Detroit”, but Greg did his homework and saw that in a December 31st, 2014 report to the SEC that Delphi filed paperwork with the SEC that they left only 5,000 jobs in the U.S., and moved 122,000 jobs abroad.

Are the documents lying? Or Paulson?

I found the workers; they were having dinner too – at a homeless shelter

I’m Cameron, a Delphi worker: “I got the notice too, it was a like a two week notice, they just said they were closing the doors, we just didn’t know if they were sending the jobs somewhere else . They were giving out gloves and hats, they do it every year, well you know going to lose their job, well you know we’ve got kids, I’ve got a couple of buddies who wanted to commit suicide over their job. Well there’s a lot of people saying they’re losing their homes, with the mortgages on their homes, the bank forecloses.

Dale Stanford joined some old friends at Delphi for a Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter, these were not $1,000 a plate servings like the billionaire Paulson’s New York City dinner who took their jobs.

This is Delphi, or the carcass of Delphi in Dayton, Ohio left after JP and his Vulture buddy Singer got through with it. I don’t see a tennis court., and I don’t see those 21,000 workers that Paulson claimed he saved. How does this happen? I know they can’t take your job and home and hope, plus they take away your power to do something about it. If they’re going to take away your job, and take away your home, they might as well go for the “trifecta” and take away your vote.

After all, America is the “Land of the Free” and that means our lords the billionaire Wall Street hedge fund managers should have the freedom to take all these away from as many Americans as they see fit to.

And I discovered how they did it in 2012. But I visited a nearby church that ministers to the laid-off Delphi workers. It was election day, or for Black Folk, “Souls to the Polls” day on November 4, 2012.  They were sucessful in helping to re-elect Barack Obama to a second term as president, defeating Mitt Romney.

Shepherding the souls is Tara Williams. “Our congregation is going to take individuals down to the voting elections after service.”

And then they piled into the church van to vote. Greg went with them, he got into a very long line to vote, and waited… and waited…, which appear to be about 1-2 hours long in the black neighborhood. The overwhelming amount of black people in Ohio vote on the Sunday before election day, because they can’t take Tuesday off.  Early voting is required by U.S. law, but Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State (Jon Husted) has resisted it. He shut down almost every big city early polling station – in Dayton he permitted only one single polling place for over 80,000 black voters. So those who were not discouraged by the long lines to vote waited in line for hours.  Nevertheless, Obama won the state of Ohio’s 18 electorial votes in 2012.

Outside the city, in a suburb, I checked the wait in the lines where white people vote… well actually there is no line. Back in Dayton, they waited, and waited, nearly half a million blackfolk all over Ohio, then something odd happened at the end of the line, after hours, the “souls at the polls did not get ballots.” What a coincidence. They got a number to wait for this instead; these are applications for absentee ballots, where they had to provide such things as bank statements, etc. in order to vote.  But they’re not absent, they’re right here at the legal poll!  Then they got mail-in ballots and envelopes to put them in.  Using an absentee ballot is playing bingo with your vote. The nasty secret of American democracy is over 1 million absentee ballots were rejected never counted. Is this ballot switch-a-roo even legal? I drove through the night with one of these pseudo ballots to Ohio’s capital and at midnight I reached the home of law professor Robert Fitrakis (voting rights expert). He was crazy enough to let me in. I showed him what they were giving black voters.

Palast: “Every early voter, almost all of them African-Americans, where handed this, an absentee ballot, is that common practice here?”

Fitrakis: “Absolutely uncommon and I would suspect it’s either done out of incompetence or convenience or to defraud people of their vote. You vote absentee, they can pick through the absentee, and say they didn’t fill this out all the way, they didn’t sign here, they didn’t initial there, and thus toss the absentee, essentially they’re treating the absentee like a second-class provisional ballot, none of that could be done in regular early voting.”

But the state did it anyway. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that their ballots may never get counted. In fact over 2 million ballots (2,706,275) not just absentees, are cast and not counted, that’s official, they call it “spoilage.” How do votes spoil?  By leaving them out of the fridge? There are 10 ways to spoil your vote, or wipe away your registration.

Steal your vote game. Think you’re registered? In this election over 3 million of you will find your registration — poof — they toss out your mail-in ballot because you used the wrong envelope, or for postage due, or you forgot to use your middle initial or you didn’t fill in the bubble.  We’ve been invited into the home of voters whose votes didn’t count.

There’s purging, caging, or you have the wrong ID, in Texas, gun ID OK, school ID not. In some states, like Kansas, up to 45% of new registrations are simply tossed in the spoilage bin. Don’t worry, they’ll tell you if your name is missing from the voter roll, you’ll get something called a provisional ballot but because your name is not on the roll, they’ll throw it out. But you get to pretend you voted.

According to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, you have a 900% higher chance of your vote spoiling (losing your vote) if you’re black than if you’re white. For voters of color in the U.S., voting has become some kind of crazy obstacle course.

First, don’t get purged, don’t get caged, then drag yourself to the single black voting station and wait for 5 hours. Wrong ID? Go back home. Fill out absentee or provisional ballots, don’t miss the bubble, or it will get thrown in the garbage. So how do they get away with it? Creating these obstacles to voting? Easy. The Kochs and their minions like the Heritage Foundation, they yell voter fraud. And the media eats it up. To sell the nonsense of mass voter fraud, they built a hysteria factory. They claim there are millions of dead voters, felon voters, ghost voters, alien voters, and now double voters.

Dick Morris on Fox News: “There are probably over a million people that voted twice in this election.”

Probably? So even he is admitting that he could be wrong on this.  He offers no concrete evidence to back up his claim.

The double voting accusation is old stuff. In The Birth of a Nation 100 years ago  the most influential film of its time, and endorsed by President Woodrow Wilson, depicted white actors painted up in black faces sneaking in a second ballot.  It praised the Ku Klux Klan for “saving the South from black rule.”  The film helped the Democratic Party (the most racist party at that time) block the passage of a federal law to stop lynching.

By 1968, 3,446 black people we’re hanged from trees and bridges.  Today they don’t use hanging ropes to get rid of black voters – it’s now “lynching by laptop.”  And the nightriders’ white sheets have turned into spreadsheets.

So I quit, I give up.  I can’t stop the electronic lynchings but I can’t stop the Vultures stealing lives because once again, not one American network, not one American newspaper would agree to run this story of CrossCheck, nor the story of billionaires crushing Delphi nor let me expose the con of American democracy. My work is banished to Britain and abroad. No one in America would hear this story, so forget it.

Young woman: Greg, it’s time for you to go home

Greg: No, I’ll never go back home.  8413 Wendt Avenue, where I grew up in the east valley of Los Angeles.

So this is a former GM plant, huh?

Greg: My own Ohio. This was the old GM plant that made Chevys and Frigidaire refrigerators, my father sold the refrigerators. So now it’s all shut down, they took it all to Mexico. The union guys at GM bought campers for their vacations. Now they live in the campers next to the tracks.

Why’d you quit?

Because the system is screwed, and fixed, and I hate it.

This is why you can’t stop. If you don’t do it, no one else will. So look Greg, your phone is going to ring, it’s going to be Badpenny, and you have to answer, and you have to pay attention.

Badpenny calling, you’ve got to get back right now and look at these Ohio numbers.

Republican John Kasich has been Ohio governor since January 10th 2011, and his current term continues until January 2019. [v]  The manipulation of Ohio’s votes on 2012 occurred on Kasich’s watch.

43,000 black voters have just vanished. And 497,000 suspected “double voters.” So it’s back to Ohio.

Ohio – this is the ultimate swing state. Ohio voters will choose our president – if they’re allowed to vote.

Donald EUGENE Webster – “That’s not my middle name.”

Greg: Eugene is not your middle name?

Donald Webster: No.

Did you ever use the name Eugene?


They say you do. Do you know it’s a crime if you vote more than once?

Of course. It never occurred to me to do that. You know, what’s two votes going to do, when you’ve got thousands and thousands and thousands, you’ve got to have a bunch of people doing that.

Well do you, are you part of a larger conspiracy?

No. I’m not, sir.

You’re not?

No, I just go to vote every election, and every primary. Every one.

When a young man, he moved to Dayton. It was a different time.  He signed on with GM Delphi, called Delco at the time, although he was training as an engineer.

Webster: I was working as a janitor at GM, they just would take your application, and either throw it in the trash, or just mark a great big red C on it, or something crazy, so they would know that…

What was the C for?

 Webster: Colored. I remember the Civil Rights Act, I remember all of those things, almost all gone, somebody dropped the ball, maybe it was us.  In our age group, we thought it [the discrimination] was over, and that we didn’t have to fight no more. You know, so you’re fighting the same battles over again. I’m 70 years old, almost all the fight in me is gone. I’m not going to go out there, and try to, you know, bust no heads up, but I’d like for the people who know what the problem is to name the names of these people who are doing this.

The ACLU sued Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted for removing voters from the roll.

And here’s the name he’s looking for: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, the “Kris Kobach” of Ohio. The Republican Secretary of State has conducted what may be the biggest purge of voters in the nation. Well over 100,000 voters are gone. While investigators did not know all the reasons for The Purge, we found a big one.  When Ohio joined CrossCheck in 2013 they purged 497,039 voters from the rolls.

Professor Robert Fitrakis: He (Husted) knows what he’s doing is illegal, what he’s doing is he’s counting on bigotry to get away with it, he’s picking out first and last names only, because he doesn’t want to actually match people by using the middle name. He wants to purge Blacks and Hispanics and he’s trying to make Ohio winnable in the only way he knows how, by stealing American citizens’ votes.

So Steven Williams voted in Georgia, Georgia again, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina, Massachusetts…

… You do get around, your husband really gets around (wife laughs).

You’ll remember Steven Williams’ wife Tara, she led the “Souls to the Polls” four years ago.

Tara: “I used to work at Delphi, I was an Operations General Foreman, I worked there until the last day, June 30th, 2008. A lot of the members in our church worked there at delphi. A lot of people had tough times after the plant closed.

Paulson and Singer’s actions strongly impacted the national economy, which crashed in October 2008, near the end of George Bush II’s final term as president.

Take your vote, take your job. Class war, American Style.

Steven Williams: “It’s becoming a “Have” and “Have Nots” situation and taking away the access to vote. That’s like a heart attack, that’s like an artery being clogged.”

And whether it’s CrossCheck, alien voter purges, fake felon list, or absentee ballot games, it seems like all the vote suppression victims have one thing in common.

But exactly how does CrossCheck target voters of color?

We did a deep dive into the data, and we found lots of interesting findings such as that the most common surnames hit at an incredibly high rate.  God forbid that your last name is Garcia, of which there are 858,000 in the United States. and you’re first name is Jose or Joe or Joseph, because you are suspected of voting in 27 different states.

If your last name is Jackson, it’s likely you’re African American. 90% of all Washington’s are black, Garcia’s 91% are Hispanic and Park or Kim 94% Asian.

There is an ethnic bias we discovered in the states we look in detail in the CrossChecklist basically, it says Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans are over represented.  20% of the minority voters in those states are on the CrossCheck list – an extraordinarily high number.

The racial bias on the list would make a klansman’s heart go pitter-patter. Republicans love their CrossCheck. Is it because it captures double voters, or because it captures voters of color?

So I can’t tell you what the intent was, I’m just a data guy, I could only tell you what the outcome was. And the outcome was discriminatory against minorities.

A cheap racist vote suppression trick? I thought so, but then I found Maria Hernandez. What it says here is that Maria Isabel Hernandez in Georgia voted a second time as Maria Cristina Hernandez of Louisiana.

Maria: clearly, obviously. (sarcastically)

Greg: Do Hispanics vote consistently more than one time?  According to these documents, there are literally hundreds of thousands of Hispanics voting several times.

Maria: (sarcastically speaking) Yeah it’s been this big outrageous plan that we’ve all been working on since childbirth, it’s like make sure that we all have similar names so that we could vote multiple times across states, it’s like the big major plan of how we’re going to take over this country. You’re talking about Wong’s, you’re talking about Hernandez’  you’re talking about Washington’s, and there’s a lot of Asian folks, and there’s a lot of Black folks, and there’s a lot of folks who have common names, and the reason why we do that is specifically so we can get around these voter laws and actually vote twice.

Greg: (facetiously) Wow! A full confession!

Asian Americans nationally are the fastest-growing electorate and our political power is growing. My maiden name is Helen Kim.  If you Google “Helen Kim” there’s like a million Helen Kim’s.

An amazing one in eight Asian Americans are on the suspect list.

In Korean surnames, Kim is like Smith, Park is like Johnson.

Greg so your last name is Kim to? How many times did you vote?

I only vote once each time.

Republicans fear Asian-Americans vote like they “turned black,” Democrats now capture three out of four Asian-American votes. Why are they using these tricks to get rid of “voters of color?”

Bill O’Reilly (Fox News, on Election Day 2012): Because it’s a changing country, the demographics are changing it’s not a traditional America anymore whereby 20 years ago President Obama would have been roundly defeated, the White establishment is now the minority.

So what can the Republicans do, if you can’t win the black vote, reduce it., block it, Rove says, if black voters drops just one point in North Carolina, Democrats winning margin there is wiped out.  CrossCheck will purge 10% of the black vote in North Carolina, and a million voters nationwide.

If Virginia’s 13% is any indication, almost 1 million Americans will have their right to vote challenged. – Rolling Stone magazine

In 2012 all the tricks and long lines failed to steal the election, but then just eight months after Obama’s Nov. 2012 reelection, there was an earthquake in voting rights law, and it was devastating, the implications for the 2016 presidential race, and for CrossCheck would be enormous.  Seven months after Obama’s reelection, on June 25th, 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court, took Martin Luther King’s dream act, the Voting Rights Act and burnt out its heart.

The Supreme Court ruling striking down that key section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act has prompted some new moves in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Arizona, and many other states, which allowed the requirement of showing a voting ID in order to vote.

After the Supreme Court ruling, Florida then immediately began a purge of 181,000 Hispanics from its rolls as “illegal aliens.” Would Black people still have the right to vote?

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina smiling broadly, saying that every voter requires photo ID before they can vote. In fact, just hours after the court eviscerated the Voting Rights Act, Alabama passed a law requiring voters to have a driver’s license or ID from a motor vehicle office then the state shutdown most of the motor vehicle offices in the 10 black belt counties.

When the Supreme Court struck down section 4B of the Voting Rights Act, that was a powerful setback.

Hank Sanders (an African-American attorney and expert on the Voting Rights Act of 1965): Now people can come up with all kinds of laws that can make it difficult, and by the time you go to court, and spent all that time, money, and effort, and even if you win, then all they do is come up with another approach [to suppress voting].

The 1965 Voting Rights Act banned all forms of racist trickery in voting. A state couldn’t adopt a scheme like CrossCheck unless the state could prove that it did NOT discriminate against voters of color, not many states would dare try until the court ripped out the key section of the Voting Rights Act. And almost overnight CrossCheck would spread like a virus. The courts Republican majority (5-4) said racial voting trickery is gone. The court said “blatantly discriminatory evasions are rare” and “Jim Crow practices have been eradicated.”

Is that Sanders’ experience?

I literally went to vote and my name was not on the voter list. Remember this man is a voting rights attorney who was definitely registered to vote. He is also the honorable Senator Hank Sanders, representing Selma Alabama. I’ve been on the ballot any number of years running as a senator, but my name wasn’t on the voting list. But largely because he was black, even he was struck from the rolls.

Palast: It’s a half-century after Martin Luther King was here, and I’m back in Selma, Alabama, investigating suppression of the Black vote. What the hell happened to my country?

We have a long history of suppressing the black vote; we also have a long history of suppressing the poor vote. But all of that is being magnified now by these various kinds of institutes which have devised all of these modern-day ways to be able to diminish voter participation. And of course these are being funded by a few folks who have billions of dollars, like the Koch Bros., Paul Singer, and John Paulson.  They have found ways not to pay taxes and now they are using those same dollars to be able to take away the right to vote from poor folks, and Black folks, and other minorities.

It turns out Maria Hernandez’ real name is Rosario Dawson of Voto Latino: “And so I think right now what we’re looking at is a combination of things, because not only was the Voting Rights Act gutted, but Citizens United was passed, now there is a flood of money that is meeting the crisis of our voting rights being gutted. There are two parts at play right now so it’s exacerbated that much more because of how much money is poured into making these changes happen making local officials  be elected who will do these purges.”

The Supreme Court case against the Voting Rights Act was brought by Shelby County, Alabama. So where did poor little Shelby County get the cash to bring the case? The money behind Shelby came from Project Fair representation and the money behind this project, came from Donors Trust (Whitney Ball), ($100 million), and who was behind this money?  The Koch Brothers.  So it was Koch money behind the hit on the Voting Rights Act and that let CrossCheck loose on the entire U.S.A.  Look who locked up with the Kochs to attack the Voting Rights Act –  the Manhattan Institute, whose Chairman is Paul Singer,  the Vulture.

So some billionaires are spending their loot on destroying Martin Luther King’s Voting Rights Act. Well, there aren’t enough white guys to elect Donald Trump nor a Republican Congress, so you’ve got to get rid of the un-white guys.  With CrossCheck, and all those other voting tricks you eliminate a few million voters of color, and you’ve got your tax break for billionaires , you got your oil pipelines, and you’ve got nothing between you and your next billion. Is voter suppression just another profit sector?  Just follow the money – time for another Vulture hunt.

[In order to slip through and gain admittance into the Vultures’ billionaire extravaganza at the New York East Side, Greg cleverly replaces his fedora with a yarmulka (small, round, Jewish headpiece which fits on the back of the head).]

So one more time we decided to talk to the billionaire funding the vote munching machine.

“Please help me welcome Paul Singer [applause] appears to be seated beside Mark Teixeira, first baseman (at the time) of the New York Yankees.  Because America is clamoring for reassurance that our system is not rigged in favor of the rich and powerful (Paul Singer’s net worth is an estimated $2.1 billion).

Singer: I’m supposed to be a great fundraiser, but we raised a lot of money, trust me but I never had anybody be angry because I was asking for money.

Borrowing the name tag Craig Kettleman, I tried to get close to ask the GOP’s top sugar daddy about the missing votes. And the missing Delphi jobs in Ohio. And why he needs to buy a new president (Trump). Greg is trying to get a question into Singer, but he’s blocked by Singer’s bodyguards, and in the scuffle his yarmulka falls off. [My disguise failed].

How many billions is it worth to buy the White House?

The Vulture’s Hospitality Chiefs blocked me from… (Palast is forced outside).

Greg is unable to get to Singer to ask a question, and gets thrown out of the meeting.

How do you defeat voter suppression tactics when it’s fueled by billionaires cash and partisan power?

The same way the Voting Rights Act was first won 50 years ago.

Hank Sanders: “One side literally had everything, they had all the laws, all of the lawman, they had all of the guns, they had all of the banks and money, and the other side didn’t have anything. But yet, we took marching feet, we took singing songs, we took prayer and was able to forge a great victory.”

The Voting Rights Act was won here on this bridge, the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama over the Alabama River when Reverend Martin Luther King came to the town.

And so I marched the last leg of the 50 mile Selma-to-Montgomery march with about 35,000 other people, and what I remember so graphically was Dr. King saying, “How long?” And eventually the crowd was saying, “Not long.”

They introduced Martin Luther King Jr. – everybody got quiet, and it was telling our parents that it was time for them to get the right to vote. When we got to the top of the bridge then you could really see what was on the other side and there were white people sitting on their cars with their Confederate flags and their banners, die Nigger and go home, Coon.  I heard these pops, pop pop pop this gas came and with this gas you couldn’t breathe, you couldn’t see.  I ran into this big old thing of tear gas and he was running behind me with the billy club.  When I woke up, Lynda Blackmon Lowry: “They had me on a stretcher putting me in the back of a Hurst, I just jumped up, and before anybody could catch me, I was heading back across that bridge.”

Marsha Edwards (Selma marcher): Judy was older than me, so if I were 11, she had to be like 12, going on 13 and she starts walking, “nobody’s going to stop me I’m getting my freedom, as soon as she said ‘freedom’ one of the troopers hit her and blood just went everywhere, I mean I was just in horror.”

Different people in the group would just strike up and start singing and then others would join in, “Deep in my heart I do believe we shall overcome,” someday that was the hope of that song that was the hope of that time. – Marsha Edwards

I had made this vow when I was 7 when my mother died because everybody said that she died because of the color of her skin that if she had not been colored, she wouldn’t have died.  She died with four children, 7, 5, 4, and 2.  I made up in my mind when I was 7 years old that when I grew up no one would ever have no one to call Mommy because she died because of the color of her skin. I wanted to do whatever it took for our parents to get the right to vote because getting the right to vote was the first step. – Lynda Blackmon Lowry

Voting impacts everything in our lives the air we breathe, the water we drink, the work we do. – Hank Sanders

And the last thing in the world America needs today is for someone to take their right to vote away. That’s why we have to keep marching across the bridge every single time that we get a chance.

That’s why they want so many “illegal” Latinos in the country today, so they can do the low-wage work which produces wealth for the landowners and business owners, and not have the right to vote themselves higher wages. It’s a new twist of modern day slavery.

The right to vote is always going to be under attack. Because when we march we go forward. When we stop marching, we go backwards.

In 2015 Alabama became the 30th state to join interstate CrossCheck.

1996–2002: Peruvian debt

In 1996, Singer’s hedge fund, Elliott Management Corporation (EMC) bought defaulted Peruvian debt for $11.4 million.  Elliott won a $58 million judgement  and Peru had to re-pay the sum in full under the pari passu rule.  When former president of Peru, Alberto Fujimori was attempting to flee the country due to facing legal proceedings over human rights abuses and corruption, Singer ordered the confiscation of his jet and offered to let him leave the country in exchange for the $58 million payment from the treasury, an offer which Fujimori accepted.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the Peruvian government paid Elliott (Singer) $56 million to settle the case. [vi] 

The losers were the Peruvian people.  The winner was Paul Singer.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

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