The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits by Greg Palast (2016)

I want my fair share…  And that’s ALL OF IT! — Charles Koch My name’s Palast – I am an investigative reporter, I have billionaires who misbehave, and every four years I become a crime reporter – the crime – election theft!  Election thieves, vote rustlers, ballot bandits.  Investigative reporter Greg Palast wades through the […]

A History of the Democratic-Republican Party (now known as Democratic Party) – Part 3 (2016-2020)

2016 By October 2015, about one year before the next President election, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was generating huge enthusiasm at campaign rallies all over the country, attracting huge crowds, many of whom were young people under 40 – many of which occurred on college campuses all over the U.S.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was generating […]

A History of the Democratic-Republican (now known as Democratic) Party – Part 2 (1960- 2015)

1960 It’s common knowledge that the 1960 election was between Democrat John F. Kennedy and Republican Richard M. Nixon.  But what almost no one knows is that the Democratic Party allowed another Democrat to run in the same election – not the primaries, but actually on the general Election Day, 8-Nov-1960.  Democrat Harry Byrd from […]

A History of the Democratic-Republican (now known as Democratic) Party – Part 1 (1788-1959)

Overview Based on the ancient Greek word demos, which means the people; or the public; or the commonwealth of all the people, the English word democratic by definition means government of the people.  However, from 1792-1860, the Democratic-Republican Party (now known as the Democratic Party) was the party of Southern slave owners before the Civil […]