A History of the Democratic-Republican Party (now known as Democratic Party) – Part 3 (2016-2020)


By October 2015, about one year before the next President election, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was generating huge enthusiasm at campaign rallies all over the country, attracting huge crowds, many of whom were young people under 40 – many of which occurred on college campuses all over the U.S.  Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was generating virtually no enthusiasm, with small, virtually lifeless crowds at her campaign stops in many different states.  Despite this phenomenon, DNC party insider Howard Dean stated on national TV (MS-NBC) that Hillary Clinton will be the party’s nominee by the July 2016 convention.  He didn’t say probably, or maybe, or likely – he said will be. It was not the first time that Dean accidentally blurted out the truth that Hillary was pre-ordained to get the nomination, indicating that the primary “elections” had been rigged all along.

The 2016 Democratic Party presidential convention occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, July 25-28, 2016. [i] Many people working for the DNC were Sanders supporters, especially younger party members who had been involved in much of the technical computer work during the campaign season.  About two weeks before the convention, one of these young men was shot dead in Washington, DC under very mysterious circumstances.

The murder of 27-year-old Seth Rich occurred on Sunday, July 10, 2016, at 4:20 a.m. in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. [ii] Rich died less than two hours after receiving two gunshot wounds to the back. He was murdered by unknown perpetrators for unknown reasons. Rich’s death was labeled a “robbery” by D.C police, but none of his personal items – neither his watch nor his wallet – were taken.

During the 2016 American presidential campaign season, Rich was working for the DNC, and was reputed to be a Bernie Sanders supporter who may have felt jilted by the Hillary Clinton-led DNC, and according to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, took revenge by apparently leaking internal high-ranking DNC emails (from Hillary Clinton and John Podesta) to Australian journalist Julian Assange  WikiLeaks during that year’s presidential race.  Just days later (coincidentally no doubt) Rich turned up dead after being shot in the back twice.

After the murder, Assange named Rich as the source of the DNC leaked e-mails.  Since his founding of WikiLeaks in 2006, Assange has never been found to publish any false information.  The DNC, which includes Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, has used its immense influence to imprison Assange since March 2019, and also to prevent him from testifying in court in London that Rich was indeed the one who leaked Hillary’s and Podesta’s e-mails to WikiLeaks, by keeping Assange locked in a sound-proof glass booth so he would not be able to shout out any truths in the courtroom, nor even talk to his defense lawyers, during the farcical trail in London in late September, 2020.  The hearings began in August 2020, when since the first day the DNC ensured that Assange was wheeled into court in a plexiglass, soundproof booth.  Assange had previously stated that Seth Rich knew about the risk of leaking information before he was murdered, which of course would guarantee that he could never talk about the incident, and therefore protect the DNC.

In 2012, Julian Assange went to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where he was allowed to seek safe haven by leftist Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa to avoid capture and imprisonment by American President Barack Obama and the CIA/DNC, where he stayed until 2019, when new Ecuadorian right-wing president Lenin Moreno turned him over to the British / American governments, and Assange been imprisoned in solitary confinement ever since.

After the Rich murders, the FBI subpoenaed the DNC servers, but the DNC denied them access to the servers, then destroyed them, which was illegal, but they got away with it – as they were too powerful to jail.  This demonstrates the immense clout they have over the FBI and the local  D.C. police department.  Podesta and Hillary were never even questioned under oath, which further smacks of a high-level cover-up.

In August 2016, Assange gave a TV interview with a Dutch TV program. WikiLeaks had published thousands of leaked DNC emails, which shows how Hillary, Podesta, and Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) had conspired against popular progressive candidate Bernie Sanders to ensure that he would not win the party’s nomination.  (They would repeat the same conspiracy in Feb.-Mar. 2020).  It threw the presidential race into chaos, and led to the resignations of top officials at the Democratic National Committee, including Wasserman Schultz, but she retained her seat in Congress amid widespread outcries of election fraud in her South Florida district.

In the Dutch TV interview, Assange demurred on how he obtained the DNC emails, then dropped a tantalizing hint. “There’s a 27-year-old who works for the DNC who was shot in the back, murdered, just a few weeks ago, for unknown reasons as he was walking down the street in Washington.” [iii]

WikiLeaks’ release of John Podesta’s emails in the fall of 2016 confirmed suspicions that Hillary Clinton & the Democratic Party, along with their ministers of propaganda, which include MS-NBC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, et al. (aka “mainstream media”) colluded to make Clinton the Democratic nominee before a single vote was cast.  Clinton and Podesta have since publicly acknowledged the contents of WikiLeaks emails as legitimate.  After Clinton lackey Wasserman-Schultz resigned as DNC chair in disgrace, and DNC operative Donna Brazile was thereafter fired by CNN following the exposure of their wrongdoing, which included Brazile’s infamous efforts to covertly pass debate questions to Clinton ahead of time to give her an advantage over Sanders, who had no foreknowledge of the questions that he would be hit with. [iv]

In the 2016 Democratic Party primary in West Virginia, Bernie Sanders handily defeated Hillary 51.4% – 35.8%, winning all 55 counties, but nevertheless the DNC overrode the will of the voters and capriciously awarded the state to H. Clinton. [v]  After later being sued, the DNC said in court that they were a “private organization” and need not abide by the will of the voters, in other words, they could do whatever they wanted – ensuring that the “Democratic” Party would indeed in no wise be democratic at all. [vi]

In Wisconsin, Sanders defeated Clinton 57% – 43%, winning 71 of the state’s 72 counties, yet the DNC gave only 49 of the delegates to Sanders compared to 47 to Clinton, grossly disproportionate to Sanders’ huge victory there.  A similar pattern emerged in many other states as well, ensuring that Sanders’ great success would only be in vain.

The pattern that emerged in 2016 was very clear — if Clinton won a state, she would never get cheated, but Sanders routinely would.

They tried the same thing with Hillary Clinton in 2016, who was far less popular than was Bernie Sanders.  Although many polls showed that Sanders would, on average, defeat Trump by 10 points, the Democrats preferred to lose with Clinton than to win with Sanders.  A virtually identical scenario would play out four years later when the Democrat Party elitists conspired to knock out Sanders once again and select conservatives Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their next presidential hopefuls.  Sanders meekly demurred by endorsing the DNC’s Wall Street corporate picks.


As a repeat of the 2016 Democratic Party primaries, the DNC (spearheaded once again by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) once again rigs the primary to ensure victory of a Wall Street / corporate Democrat, which guaranteed that neither Bernie Sanders, nor Tulsi Gabbard, nor Andrew Yang, nor Marianne Williamson, nor any other free thinker in the party could win the primary, no matter how much popular support they would get.  Even tho Kamala Harris got only about 2% overall of the primary vote, she would be appointed by Clinton / Obama as the next President in 2021, provided Joe Biden wins the election in November.  With Biden’s advanced senility, it is widely believe he would serve no more than the first year before the selected, and not elected, Harris would assume the final three years of the presidency should Donald Trump be defeated in the November 2020 election.

In February 2020, DNC and CIA colluded to write an “app” (computer application) to ensure that establishment candidates such as Pete “CIA” Buttigieg, [vii] Amy Klobuchar, Robert Francis O’Rourke, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris would emerge as the winner, and to ensure that any candidate who questioned the status quo, such as Tulsi Gabbard, Bernie Sanders, or Marianne Williamson would not emerge victorious, regardless of the degree of popularity their national support was.

This app the DNC developed is a private app with proprietary code, that would never be transparent to the public, for the purpose of reporting the results of the Iowa Caucuses, the first state in the nation to start off the Democratic party’s primary season.  It would guarantee to deny Bernie Sanders a victory in Iowa, which is exactly what DNC Chairman (and Wall Street banker) Tom Perez executed.

The DNC political network brought into being a group called ACRONYM putting Tara McGowan in charge of it.  She had worked for PACRONYM (a division of ACRONYM) since January 2019.  The acronym PAC stands for Political Action Committee, which is essentially the Washington, DC political apparatus that allow billionaires to legally bribe politicians of both the Democratic and Republican parties so they will write them favorable legislation which will exponentially increase their personal wealth. 

McGowan then proceeded to spin out the “Shadow Incorporated” app for the DNC political establishment that’s deeply connected to Pete Buttigieg and his campaign – a network that has been practicing techniques of disinformation in political campaigns across the country for the past several years. McGowan, the head of ACRONYM, is married to a senior adviser on Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, and these DNC dark money forces include the founder of LinkedIn, Reed Hoffman.

McGowan is a 33 year old veteran of Obama’s two political campaigns; she was getting tons of positive public relations in Silicon Valley publications like OXY which called her “the most dangerous political weapon” and the most important Democratic Party consultant and she was using this PR to build up her name and to reap donations at the same time that her group ACRONYM was being funded and developed by the billionaire Reed Hoffman who funded LinkedIn, and is close friends with Peter Thiel, who used to be at PayPal.  Hoffman was also a mentor to billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and after Trump was elected, Hoffman decided to kind of supplant the pre-existing Democratic apparatus by funding what he called “founders”– founders like Tara McGowan of online organizations 30 and 40 something, tech-savvy Ivy league-educated type people who know how to manipulate social media and Hoffman hired McGowan as his political strategist. [viii]

Shadow Inc. is a software development company which resided at 1342 Florida Ave., Washington, DC.  David Plouffe is also on the board of PACRONYM.  Plouffe is a lobbyist and political strategist best known as the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign. [ix] This, Shadow, Inc., (sounds a bit “shadowy”, or shady, doesn’t it?) received the following sums of money as listed: (numbers came directly from an Federal Elections Commission (FEC filing): [x]

Pete for America, Inc.July 23, 2019$21,250
Pete for America, Inc.July 23, 2019$21,250
Nevada State Democratic PartyAug. 27, 2019$58,000
Total invested for DNC “Shadow” app:$100,500
DNC invests $100 K in shady app to thwart Sanders

Pete Buttigieg’s DNC-sanctioned campaign paid for this app so the Iowa results could easily be manipulated or hacked to deny Sanders the bump that he earned by winning the state, which would have carried over to the following states to hold primaries, which were New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina.  By fending off Sanders’ momentum, and keeping him at bay, the DNC was able to coalesce all of its corporate (establishment) candidates around a single candidate, which turned out to be Joe Biden.

Shadow, Inc. used proprietary, secretive code that only the CIA / DNC could access, so nobody in the general public, including Democratic Party voters, could possibly verify the accuracy of the results the app “reported”.  After the DNC conspired to swindle its voters at large, they then deployed their party media outlet, MS-NBC, to conveniently blame the DNC-instigated primary fraud on “Russian hackers.” [xi] — while giving the Russian government no chance to respond to the scurrilous accusations — a blatant violation of good journalistic principles.

Iowa precinct captains were given a phone number to call in the results should the app fail.  When the Story County precinct captain had difficulty with the app and tried “Plan B” to call in the results, she was kept on hold for over one hour by the DNC, which finally hung up on her, so she was unable to report the results, as the Iowa Democratic Party officials (appointed by the DNC) apparently weren’t interested in the true numbers, as they knew they would greatly favor Sanders.  That same night, the precinct captain was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer describing her frustrating experience.  This is a credit to CNN, which was practicing real journalism, at least for one segment, while MS-NBC would not allow this woman to be shown on its national network — in order to provide cover for the DNC’s corrupt primary practices.

While Bernie Sanders received over 6,000 more votes than did Buttigieg in the Iowa caucuses, Buttigieg nevertheless inexplicably declared himself the winner before any of the state’s precincts had reported, which was unprecedented. [xii]  This indicates he had inside information that the DNC would ensure his “victory” using the secret “Shadow” app.  Mysteriously, 39 billionaires donated to Buttigieg’s campaign, which may explain how a small-town mayor from South Bend, Indiana, with deep ties to the CIA, was nearly catapulted into a position of becoming the next President of the U.S. without working his way up thru the normal hierarchy.  This illustrates an unbreakable bond between American billionaires and the CIA.

Only an abject lack of support from Democratic Party voters kept Buttigieg from achieving his goal.  In contrast, Bernie Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont for more than two decades, had exactly zero billionaires who donated to his campaign.  By depriving Sanders of the critical momentum of winning the first state Iowa, this ensured that the DNC could be quickly deflate his campaign despite his popular national support, which he had built up since 2015.

During the night of the Iowa caucuses, as soon as Sanders pulled ahead of Buttigieg, Buttigieg immediately called DNC Chair Tom Perez, the Wall Street banker put in charge of the DNC by Hillary Clinton (following a sham party “election”).  Perez, refusing to accept the fact that the populist Sanders was surging in the Iowa’s satellite caucuses (which consisted primarily of working-class people, immigrants, many of whom were Spanish language speakers), and therefore en route to easily defeating the corporate Buttigieg, responds by demanding an immediate “re-canvass,” in other words, completely annulling the caucuses, despite all of the local caucus counts being accurate.  In 2016, that same Tom Perez urged Hillary Clinton, as a strategy to beat Bernie Sanders, to portray all Sanders’ supporters as “young white college students” [xiii] when in reality his supporters included people from all races and ethnic groups.

Two members of DNC rules committees simultaneously work on a campaign of former New York Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a glaring conflict of interest when there were still more than 10 Democratic candidates running. [xiv]  Bloomberg had a personal net worth of about $54 billion, and was able to easily slide over from the Republican party to the Democratic Party without a single “bump in the road” – in the American political system, cash is king.  Bloomberg donated $320,000 to the DNC on November 19, 2019 in three donations of $106,500, as well as an $800,000 down payment that same day to a joint fundraising PAC between the DNC and state Democratic parties. It was Bloomberg’s first donation to the DNC since the 1998, which bought himself a candidacy to the Democratic Party for his 2020 run, which imploded due to an utter lack of support from Democrats across the country.  So his $1.1 million investment did not yield him the return of becoming the President of the U.S., which he had been hoping to purchase.

Michael Nutter, the former Mayor of Philadelphia who is a member of the DNC standing rules and bylaws committee, was selected by Bloomberg in December 2019 to serve as his campaign’s national political chair.  Nutter was nominated by Hillary Clinton’s “yes woman”, former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in 2013, and he served on the rules committee from 2017-2020. [xv]

Democratic Party Elitist Nancy Pelosi

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi owns and operates Financial Leasing Services, a San Francisco-based Real Estate and Venture Capitalist Firm.  Financial disclosures in 2018, showed Speaker Pelosi’s estimated net worth to be $114 million. [xvi]  Other estimates were as high as $150 million.

Meanwhile, for the past couple decades, Nancy Pelosi has sat idly by in her mansion, (see no evil, hear no evil) while the City of San Francisco has thrown thousands of long-time residents out of their homes due to never-ending rising rents, designed to further enrich the bank accounts of Nancy and her venture capitalist husband Paul — and to further amplify boundless wealth inequality.  Hundreds of these residents have set up cardboard shacks on the streets of the neighborhoods where they had lived for generations. end

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